Point of Sale (Lite)

Point of Sale Software

  • Keep track of Sales
  • Easy Inventory Management
  • Accurate Reporting
  • Customer relationship management Module
  • Bulk SMS Feature
  • Supports Multi Users
  • Easy Barcoding and Receipt Printing
  • Installment Payment Management

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Stenzy Electronics and More
  • Customer Relationship Management Module (CRM)

    • Keeps customer details
    • Send bulk or quick SMS to customer(s)
    • Manages customer feedbacks
    Customer Relationship Management Module (CRM)
  • Home Screen

    Has shortcuts to other menus and a quick search bar to search for stocked items.

    Home Screen
  • Installment Payment (Debt Management)

    Keep track of customer payments made and debt to pay.

    Installment Payment (Debt Management)
  • Inventory Management

    • View and receive stock.
    • Check expired stock items if applicable.
    • Prepare purchase order
    • View all changes made to stock items
    • Print out stock takes sheet and make changes to item variables.
    Inventory Management
  • Login form

    Login as User or Administrator

    Login form
  • Report Module

    View and Print

    • Day sales and filter by cashier/sales attendant
    • Product sales and filter by product
    • sales based on category
    • Current Stock etc
    Report Module
  • Sales

    • This module enables you to sell out/ stock out items to customers whiles it deducts from stock and
    • Enables you to return items to stock.

  • Settings

    • Backup and Restore
    • Set Receipt printer name
    • Backup and Restore
    • Clear or Delete records
  • Stock Take

    Stock Take
  • Stock Tranfer

    Transfer stock to and from various warehouses.

    Stock Tranfer
  • User Management

    • View, add and edit Account logins
    • User logs
    • Audit Trail
    User Management
  • Warehouse Management

    Create warehouse and add stock to them.

    Warehouse Management
  • Wholesale Manager

    Wholesale Manager
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